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Monday, January 31, 2011

hey all, moving tomorrow

how are you doing? i hope it is good news.

since i will be moving tomorrow (aka packing frantically for 5 hours to drive for 2), i won't have time for any blogging. frowny face! but to raise spirits, i wanted to post 5 more of my favorite tunes and 5 pics that i hope you like. have an enjoy!

gray is awesome. this is not my favorite song of his, and for some reason he does touhou arranges, but his other works were not readily available on youtube. scratch that, here's another if you liked it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cl9lDMjYxyg&feature=related

what's up with the anime photos on these... anyway, this is shu okuyama. he does some amazing french house as well. i listen to this when i read scary stories on a website. i'll have to post another song that i really like of his later.

it's songs like this that make me hate youtube (not to mention the upload is low quality). the bass is ear shattering at normal levels if you play it in the car. mellow goth jazz. it's one of those songs that makes your eyes unfocus and your heart beat slower.

ambient dubstep. pacheko has other good songs, they just don't have any wobble in them. and i know how much all of you tards like wobble. and it has a video of a guy motocrossing in the desert! how neat. here's my favorite, since i know you all will like him: http://youtu.be/lvvzBgfThXE

i didn't like this song the first time i heard it. i thought the first two minutes were too choppy, then there was a second part that was really good, and then third part i was like "oh, wow." my mind was blown. this puts the intelligence in idm. it's like a math problem that solves itself after you're done listening.

now for photos!
i just love kittehs.

i found this gem on some site i can't remember the name of...

this one is old, but it makes me laugh every time.

hank hill is the character of the century. the everyman. everystraightman.

til wednesday-ish!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

mind blockage

i have been 3 weeks sober. as a result, my mind has become increasingly cloudy and i am finding it extremely difficult to express my feelings and thoughts. in a couple days i will be moving to a place where i will not have to be clean, and all of the guilt will go away and maybe some of the anxiety. the issue i am dealing with now is should i stay sober in this new shameless environment and see how long it takes for my head to just wake up again, or break my streak and not have to even worry about it. i am really not sure if this blockade that has come back is something i want to break only in order to entertain myself again or not. i used to be able to look at something and associate many things in regards to its qualities, then continually build a thought train around whatever those qualities might be. now i look at something and visualize next to nothing outside of its face value unless i really concentrated. the thing is that i never had to actually concentrate; the train of thought would just realize itself and stick into my mind like a post-it. i already know that this sobriety isn't going to last much longer than a few hours once i am moved in, but it is going to have to be something i deal with again soon as i will have to find a place of employment at some point. then again i could just stay here in my chair and compose something that has actual meaning to me without having to deal with the slap in the face we humans call adulthood. i definitely wouldn't be able to do that as easily while sober. who knows if i'm even creative enough to do something others will find interesting enough to be good (though i believe 'interesting' and 'good' are foils when it comes to creative outlets, at least when viewed by the public). but i have always thought that trying is frugal, it is just my pessimistic outlook. my thinking is i do need to get rid of this wall in order to not feel boring or be uninteresting. here are some funny pictures i like!

i imagine he is making a sound like yoshi's straining floppy kick sound in yoshi's story. heeeeeh

til next time, space cowboyssss

Saturday, January 29, 2011

al jazeera live feed

erm, guess the video link is dead. it's removed now.

in case you're living under a rock, the rioting in egypt is still going on. i fear for the safety of the citizens not wanting to participate who are caught in the middle (though most of society is on board with rising against the corruption of their current leader mubarak). it's an unfortunate time over there and we should all be grateful that we're allowed to be fat slobs over here in the united states. or, you know, wherever you're following me from. the news is starting now 11pm est.

Friday, January 28, 2011

songs of the day

here are some songs i was listening to while cleaning:

skip to 1:29 for the best part.  the lead is hella annoying upon first hearing it.

i have so much more to share.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

i've been sick & rupaul's drag race ep.1 quickthoughts

hello followers or future followers, i have been under the weather for a few days, not to mention that i still have to pack my life away to move out of town by saturday.  so... to ease my mind, here's what i thought about the new season of rupaul's drag race, mondays at 10 on logo or tuesdays at 9 on vh1.

it's back (finally?), and after an hour and a half of watching i still don't know half of these lady-boys.  i knew going in that there were 2 fatties and 1 ultra fatty competing, as well as someone from dayton, ohio (near me!) and raja/sutan, who was a makeup artist for america's next top model in some of the middle cycles.  there's an asian taller than 5 foot named manilla, a couple of dudes who look the same, two puerto ricans, a black one, and a contestant that was on last season and was eliminated first.  also someone who is always naked (which is a feat for someone who has to duct tape his junk to his abc.  is that all 13?  sure, why not.

so...none of these girls are as beautiful as some of the girls from the past seasons.  by beautiful i mean they resemble a hot girl to a t (and a).  the only ones i like so far are the asian (manilla) and raja, the crazy crossover from top model.  raja won both competitions in the show (a photoshoot and runway/costume challenge), and rightfully so considering he has worked with tyra banks most of his life.  i doubt any of that will come up in the show, but what might come up is that the character raja is more of a transvestite rather than a drag queen, and that will probably hurt the chances of him winning.  he's definitely the most entertaining, though.  i'll end by saying that i loved it when rupaul said 'erica baduuuu' in response to one of the girl's costumes, and that i thought stacy lane, the ultra fatty in the worst outfit of the night, should have gone home.  doubt anyone will be able to relate to watching this show anyway, so!  i'll just leave it open for discussion.

Monday, January 24, 2011

mortal kombat: rebirth greenlit for digital series

so, remember that awesome live-action trailer people thought was for a movie or just for fun?  here tis:

weell, it's about to become a full-fledged digital series backed by warner brothers.  shooting begins next month.  i'm excited to see if the series lives up to the hype surrounding the trailer (it's leaps and bounds better than any mortal kombat movie released in the past), but that might be a bit tricky.  shooting begins next month, so don't expect it to be out anytime soon.  get hyped even more, guyz.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

how fun is snowmobiling? who snowmobiles?

it's really really fun.  too bad i've never had the opportunity to actually get on one and do what they do.

right now i'm living on a very large lake in ohio, it's completely frozen.  seems like every night now the snowmobiles are out there making a whole lot of noise even if they're just passing through my part of the lake.  the thing is though, they come from way over there to the left where a snow-covered golf course is, swoop down onto the ice like it ain't no thang, and start acting like bozos on the ice.  after they're done clowning (haha getit) they head off to the right side of the lake and just slide on up to the hick bar on the far right side of where i can see sitting outside.  they are probably already drunk when they go out anyway, so why are they going to a bar?  to score some chicks?  i doubt any women in that bar would ever be described as 'chicks.' more like 'hens' or 'harpies.'  bitches cackle all of the time over there, freaks me out.

the people on the snowmobiles probably travel a few miles to get to their destination previously dubbed the harpy bar.  my question is what demographics ride these things from all the way over there to on the ice then to the bar?  i went to that bar a few times and everyone seemed to be in their late 30s, so i'm guessing that the people who ride their snowmobiles over there are over 35?  why would they constantly act so immaturely on the ice, making so much noise at 1:30 in the morning (sometimes 4am too).  maybe they're just there getting a drink before heading off to make noise around the rest of the lake.  if they're younger guys around my age, they must have pretty rich parents or have already made a decent living for themselves.  i do sometimes see a girl on one of the crafts, but can never tell if she's over 30 or not.  guess i will just have to work harder and not appear as such a scrub out on my roof smoking.  then maybe i could be as free as those guys and 30+/- girl.

---written from the perspective of the guy i saw sitting out on his roof last night, smoking a cigarette in the snow.  he's up there most of the time when we're out, but the low clouds last night made it easier to tell whose face it was.  i always feel him watching us go over there, which isn't that surprising since my apex is pretty loud and my friend dave has a really old ski-doo.  i'm pretty sure he's been to bob's because i saw him or someone very similar there last month sometime.  the guy i remember didn't stay for more than 15 minutes maybe because it was a friday, and that usually means there are a lot of scuzzy gents there getting a beer.

he probably doesn't have a sled based on his living conditions, but i don't know.  just thought it would be fun to make up a story from someone i recognized.  i have to make sure dave's girlfriend doesn't read this.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ron swanson's pyramid of greatness

having finally watched all of the thursday night nbc block (3 hours?  who is going to sit for 3 hours and watch nbc?)  i have to say that i'm so so glad that parks and recreation is back.  also that i didn't watch perfect couples because fuck that.  so here is my post of notable scenes and the breakdown of which shows were better than the others.

starting with community.  my god, joel mchale's forehead could not get any bigger.  i really could not hear what he was saying when the camera was zoomed in on him because i was so focused on that seemingly infinite receding hairline.  if he ever goes bald i hope he looks like a conehead.
not much ahbed this week, and he's the best character on that show.  the pretend today show at the end with rich making his kettle corn to an audience of...nobody.
this episode's golden moment:  theo as shirley's husband in a cosby sweater.  i could not get over it, and by the time they cracked a joke about it i was all 'oh, i know.'

next was perfect couples so i just jerked off 8 times onto my dad while he was sleeping.  seemed like a better use of time. he was not disappoint.

next is the office! wow, the office!  well...there isn't much to say anymore about this show...  the ending bit with creed attempting to fulfill his resolution by doing a cartwheel wasn't enough to save this mediocre episode.  the whole holly/micheal thing is really uninteresting since we already know that steve carell is leaving the show.  did anyone do anything in this episode?  they went to a roller rink to find ladies and ended up paling around.  yay?
the episode's, ahem, "golden" moment(s):  darryl and his one liners.  his smooth way with the bookstore clerk ("i heard those ereaders only hold, like, 10 books" "actually, it's around 10,000" "holy shit, what?") and "the day shift at a stripper joint...you can't un-see that."  these people are getting paid how much per episode?

next is parks and rec, oh how i've missed you.  this series is heavily story and character driven now, so if you haven't seen the earlier seasons, you should before watching this to know the relationships of the characters.  i will say that this episode wasn't hilarious by any means, but it was an awesome way to set up new storylines.  what's to come will be andy trying to get april to split with her new venzuelan (which is, according to him, a city in mexico) boyfriend and the parks department is going all or nothing on final government funding for a harvest festival that shaped the town itself (which is to attract people from all over indiana to witness how fat the citizens of pawnee are).  i like the rob lowe/rashida pair, adam scott and amy poelher are obviously going to get together, and ron and tom will be duking out for tom's ex-wife.  the writers have so much to work with that i don't see how this could be a boring season.
golden moments:  1.  within 5 minutes of starting they picked on jerry twice by throwing his almost finished landscape painting into a lake and throwing away his coffee.  2. leslie showing up to ann's date while they were still on the phone together 3.  ron swanson's pyramid of greatness (see above) and him throwing a $2 plastic chair across a basketball court in a fit of rage.  everyone was scared, it was hilarious.

30 rock is always above average in terms of jokes and stories, and a good percentage of the time it gets into the exceptional range.  the past episode was rather average, dealing with past issues by having tina and alec accidentally get married by a french priest then realizing that they pretty much are a married couple in order to get the arrangement annulled. pretty good, but pretty expected.  i still laugh at the hr guy's name weinerslav (that's wiener slave).  jenna and the new guy sharing a dressing room and having kenneth as a 'son' was pretty lame, but the racist humor derived from tracy's wife demanding she make as much as her husband was awesome.  i would watch a show with her and her catch phrases, as well as her gay best friend and his even gayer boyfriend and her meth-addict nephew.  "it's my way 'til payday!"
golden moment:  liz and her grey gardens spoof, talk about left field.  i would have never expected liz lemon to go on tv just to prove a point by making her marriage to jack public.  it was zany and i rewatched it several times.  i want theatrical jugglers to teach me the meaning of art, so they got me.

outsourced - *burp*.  i enjoyed the girl singing because that was actually good, but there wasn't anything funny about this episode.  did they really just poot on indian custom again of reverse-tipping and call it both a bribe and unamerican?  this show puts in some anti--they're-taking-our-jerbs propaganda every now and again.  the main guys boobs are getting bigger every episode and it makes me chuckle.  i think this show only has 6 more episodes then it's done for the year, but unfortunately i think it's exactly what people want to watch on thursday night...something dumb that they don't have to ponder over in the least.

so here's my list from best to worst:
1. parks and recreation
2. community
3. 30 rock (almost tied for second, but the jenna/kenneth sidestory was really horrid)
4. the office
5. perfect couples
67. outsourced

Thursday, January 20, 2011

lady gaga's new 'madre monstere'? (edit: scheiße)

let's be clear, i could not give 2 fucks about lady gaga.  i just want to take an early opportunity to say that this style, even melody, of song is nothing new, and i will fret so much when comes out on her next album and everyone is all "oh em gee, once again queen gaga is pushing the boundaries of music, lol send text." if she was really trying to come off as a genuine artist, she would collaborate with the people who do heavy industrial house music and work to make it more accessible to her fans/dumb americans without taking out any integrity to either parties' work.  instead she borrows, makes it droll and uninteresting to anyone with a good ear, and will most likely push it off as something so different and unusual (as demonstrated by this video).

if you've ever been to a fashion show or just watched one on youtube, you would know that this sort of song is really really average.  not to mention that the skeleton tattooed guy is a ploy to overcompensate for the designer's work (which is why i haven't mentioned anything about the designer or why the video was made).  I have nothing against the skeleman, he looks pretty cool and works those pearls really well in the video.

of course, the song is supposed to be different when it comes out and it probably won't be all straight-from-the-runway, but i am dreading the fluff to come about this and probably a few of her other upcoming songs.  also, don't get me wrong.  i would love to hear this on the radio if i ever have to listen to the radio.  it's just nothing to gawk at.

footnote:  i looked over to see that the princess diaries is on and noticed that even though there are loud speakers yelling at people in multiple languages to stay off of the grass, the grass itself has some huge patches of brown and isn't even that great.  perhaps that is the joke, no?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

hating on ignorant people

i'm not talking about those who have base judgement on facts (which is, you know, commonplace this era in the united states, hurr).  i'm talking about those people who are so readily take anything they are shown verbatim without any curiosity or skepticism of learning more about what it is they are witnessing. my growing pessimism for the bullshit things like the entertainment industry and consumerism in general is reaching a plane of such cynicism that the thing i hope for most is a massive cosmic storm to hit the earth and disrupt all electronic communications.  yep, that would spell major catastrophe for the economy of the earth, even if a storm that affected a majority of the world for only a few days.  i know that because i heard about such an event being possible and spent a few minutes looking up what it could actually do.  in fact, there's a projected combination storm from space projected sometime in the near future, even though it isn't supposed to cause mass ruin that might make everyone re-evaluate everything necessary to basic human needs.  it would be terrifying, but at the same time enlightening and interesting knowing that the massive gaps in social status would disappear and we would all be on a pretty similar level.  all of that money you have in the bank?  how are you going to access it if every auto-teller machine in the world is on the fritz? best start working out to ensure you can at least trade sexual favors for an increasingly rare box of oatmeal creme pies.

i got a little off topic.  i wanted to write an article spelling out all of the bullshit in the united states (and most likely elsewhere, too) that is apparently going over the heads of the masses.  here are some notes i wrote to write about later (meaning now), which i will write out better complaints later (meaning later).

maxclarity/proactive - really expensive alternatives to other mild to moderate acne medications, but somehow having a system of three or more steps involving putting the same topical cream on your ugly face all three times is more appealing to people because katy perry.

inception - inspired by paprika (2006), but is being received as such an original screenplay/movie.  of course they're different scripts because japan is fucking weird and nobody would watch that shit, but they have very similar plots. it's just showcased a different way.

barrage of unoriginal media, remakes, sequels, ripoffs, question why there are so many -  i was reading entertainment magazine's 2011 preview of movies coming out and at least 80-85% of the 'new' stuff is remakes, sequels/prequels/spinoffs, book2movie (which i find least objectionable), or book2foreign movie2us remake (like, really?). i also found out that breaking dawn is also being split into two movies ala harry potter and the deathly hallows.  is there a legitimate reason for that or is it that since it's the last movie to be made from the series they want twice as much money from it?  greedy greedy greedy.  lack of new and clever storytelling is my main concern for movies coming out in 2011.  who knows?  i might just eat my own text later on.

will finish these ones when it's not 4am:
how television shows are made about anything (do we really need two shows concerning pawn dealings, let alone one show about pawn dealing?)

infomercials getting more ridiculous in order to sell as almost a joke gift: pajamajeans.  stylesnaps. the snuggie/slanket gets a pass as those are actually useful and warm, though could be manufactured better.

laugh tracks, oh how i hate the invention of the laugh track

the soup/tosh.0 - definitely understand the soup more as a commentary on television (often how pitiful it is), but a guy reading youtube comments after showing internet videos?  same deal with laugh tracks, you people think it's more accepting if someone is laughing along with you as you watch a show about things you can watch by yourself.  someone please get me out of here.

other bullshit in general

a final word:  tina fey is coming out with a collection of essays regarding her rise to where she's at now, and i couldn't be more excited to pick up a copy in april

Friday, January 14, 2011

welcome to my alsdlkgjniveu!

i know, right?  how is this supposed to make me cool and hip when people stopped blogging maybe around the mid-facebook/early twitter eras?  guess all i can say is that i dun care.  twitter was a silly thing to become popular anyway.

the purpose of this is to share my thoughts/concerns/feelings about anything i happen to come across that makes me think/concerned/feel.  i'm very opinionated and try some light satire when doing reviews for things such as tv shows and movies, though this gives me the opportunity to really judge pretty much whatever i want.  pretty sweet, man.  why didn't i have a blog before?

in addition to the jaded spin i plan on putting into whatever i write, i also plan on posting some music that i make.  you know, just for fun.  i really really enjoy anonymous criticism, too so if anyone is even going to start following me for more than the obvious reason (top chef reviews and quotes, duh doi) i'd really appreciate any feedback.

last note:  as you can tell, i don't like to capitalize letters, but am very strict when it comes to grammar.  i'd say i'm fairly eloquent, probably in the 70th percentile of the internet if you don't count the lack of capitalization.  therefore i'm also interested in anyone reading my posts giving me grammar corrections and whatnot.  i'm certainly not a prude, but do enjoy conveying a clear meaning when posting as i feel i have some important criticisms ahead. i'm not above the occasional acronym either.

good luck to everyone and i hope you enjoy reading what i have to write in the future!