what should my blog focus be?

Friday, January 14, 2011

welcome to my alsdlkgjniveu!

i know, right?  how is this supposed to make me cool and hip when people stopped blogging maybe around the mid-facebook/early twitter eras?  guess all i can say is that i dun care.  twitter was a silly thing to become popular anyway.

the purpose of this is to share my thoughts/concerns/feelings about anything i happen to come across that makes me think/concerned/feel.  i'm very opinionated and try some light satire when doing reviews for things such as tv shows and movies, though this gives me the opportunity to really judge pretty much whatever i want.  pretty sweet, man.  why didn't i have a blog before?

in addition to the jaded spin i plan on putting into whatever i write, i also plan on posting some music that i make.  you know, just for fun.  i really really enjoy anonymous criticism, too so if anyone is even going to start following me for more than the obvious reason (top chef reviews and quotes, duh doi) i'd really appreciate any feedback.

last note:  as you can tell, i don't like to capitalize letters, but am very strict when it comes to grammar.  i'd say i'm fairly eloquent, probably in the 70th percentile of the internet if you don't count the lack of capitalization.  therefore i'm also interested in anyone reading my posts giving me grammar corrections and whatnot.  i'm certainly not a prude, but do enjoy conveying a clear meaning when posting as i feel i have some important criticisms ahead. i'm not above the occasional acronym either.

good luck to everyone and i hope you enjoy reading what i have to write in the future!


HellKat said...

i love how critical you are of things. will definitely be reading this for some time to come.

PectoralFinnn said...

Very interested, following.

From Tulsa With Love said...

will follow.

The Wyrdrem said...

I don't think blogging is all that outdated. After all, it's on the internet, and the internet is the most advanced tech we have for connecting to other people.

Who cares if other types of social networking are more popular? What is the most popular is not always the best, after all. Just look at facebook. "Everyone" likes it, and so they got all their personal info given to anyone with money.

FilmMattic said...

"lack of capitalization." lol good stuff. Your committal to not capitalize makes your writing distinct; puts in the 99 percentile of that category.